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  • The ZMO is a fixed wing aircraft with a three-axis tilting structure which is efficient and easy to operate. The VTOL feature removes the space requirement for fixed wing take offs and landings, making the RC flying experience much more accessible at all skill levels and many more locations. Fixed-wind mode allows for cruising at a fixed speed and altitude, as well as a one-button return home function for an easy flight experience.
  • lmmersive Flight Control - When you wear the goggles, it ' s like sitting the in the cockpit of a the ZMO. Enjoy a huge 150 degree viewing angle with 120fps real-time transmission. Experience an engrossing viewing experience that places you in the center of a fast-paced, FPV world in the sky.
  • The Zmo Can Be Outfitted With A Variety Of Video Cameras.
  • Eight Core Strengths. Crash-Resistant Material. Self-Stabiizing Mode. Easy to use.
  • 1. One-click Return Home.
  • 2. 110kph/ 69mph Max Speed.
  • 3. Low Latency, HD Transmission.
  • 4. Max 40km/ 25mi Flight Range Exciting Routes.
  • 5. VTOL Vertical Take off and Landing. A Perfect Solution to the spatial limitations of Fixed Wing Take off and Landing.
  • 6. Modular Structure allows for quick, 3-minute disassembly.
  • 7. Thanks to the FPV camera and Self Stabilizing Mode, the ZMO makes the flying experience much more accessible at all levels.
  • 8. A maximum of 60-minute battery time means longer flight time, faster speeds, and more enjoyment in the sky.

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